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KAMAREDDY/KHAMMAM: The blaze sparked by the self-immolation of Ramayampet property businessman G Santosh and his mother Padma in Kamareddy and the suicide of a BJP leader Sai Ganesh in Khammam who was consuming poison may have subsided but continues to burn form political consequences continue to smolder. The two April 16 incidents have dealt a blow to the image of the ruling TRS, as in both cases the leaders of the ruling party are seen as the accused.

The TRS has already suffered major damage to its image in Khammam when TRS leader Vanama Raghavender was accused on 3 Police arrested him on January 8 after he caused a stir for his role in the tragic end of Ramakrishna and his family. In Khammam, Transport Minister P. Ajay Kumar is now in the eye of a storm from opposition parties who have accused him of being responsible for the suicide of BJP leader Sai Ganesh. In fact, it is claimed that the minister did not even spare his party comrades, who did not follow his line and, under one pretext or another, had proceedings instituted against them.

It is said in Khammam that Ajay Kumar’s brief is great without any contestation. His supporters are said to have threatened officers and angered people when they questioned them about the way they worked. Congress leader and former corporator Vaddeboina Narasimha Rao said the incidents of assault and harassment began after Ajay Kumar became minister. That the police are afraid of the minister was proved when they refused to provide the media with a copy of the FIR on Sai Ganesh’s death. Khammam ACP B Anjaneyulu told media: “We are too busy to attend to your requests.”

In the Medak district of north Telangana, criticism has come from several quarters that the death of the real estate businessman in Kamareddy is just the tip of an iceberg of anarchy unleashed by the defendants in the case – community leader Palle Jitender Goud and agricultural market committee chairman Saraf Yadagiri with the help of the police. There are allegations that both leaders settled disputes earlier and that the community leader trespassed on two acres of land in Ramayampet.

When it came to real estate businessman Santosh, they had driven him to the abyss and forced him to end his life by insisting on the repayment of Rs 25 lakh, a loan taken out by his partner B. Srinivas. They had also sought a 50 percent share of profits from his business. Driven to the wall, Santosh had posted content against her on social media that angered her. They bothered him so much that Santosh decided death was the only solution. There are also allegations of irregularities in the construction of the Ayyappa Temple in Ramayampet.

Sanjay leads torch rally in honor of Sai Ganesh

BJP President Bandi Sanjay, along with his party officials, held a “mobile phone torch” rally at the Priyadarshini Jurala project in Jogulamba Gadwal district on Friday night. Sanjay, on his padayatra, paid tribute to BJP worker Sai Ganesh who allegedly committed suicide after being harassed by Minister Puvvada Ajay Kumar, local TRS leaders and the police in Khammam. Earlier in the day, Sanjay had called for a CBI investigation into Ganesh’s death. This comes after the Supreme Court sent notices to the minister and a local TRS leader.

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