The Earth Day project includes volunteers planting trees at Sportsman’s Park

Above / Volunteers from Naperville Bank and Trust will plant trees throughout Sportsman’s Park as part of Earth Week Naperville. Sportsman’s Park is located at 735 S. West Street. (NPD photo)

A group of Naperville Bank and Trust volunteers will help the Naperville Park District plant 27 native trees in the Sportsman’s Park natural area at 735 S. West Street from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Wednesday, April 20 and Monday, April 2. to plant in May. This project is part of the Celebrating Earth Week 2022 in Napervillewith other events, volunteer projects and opportunities for the community to help protect their natural resources.

Sportsman’s Park is a 67 acre park featuring prairie and wetlands, two ponds, a 1 mile trail through the natural areas, a small building and a shooting range open Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons.

Site improvements in 2014 have allowed the previously closed natural area to be opened to public use for both recreational and educational purposes. The addition of a variety of native trees is important to restoring the biodiversity of Sportsman’s Park’s natural areas. Most of the trees are planted near the trail so visitors can enjoy their beauty, variety and shade.

PN file photo

Seven different species are planted

Volunteers help plant seven different types of trees. Larger trees include pecan and shagbark hickory, which provide nuts or seeds for wildlife, attract birds and butterflies, and provide shade. Tulip trees also grow tall and have tulip-shaped blooms, vibrant fall colors and attract hummingbirds. Medium-sized trees include Northern Catalpa with white showy flowers, dangling bean pods and huge heart-shaped leaves; Persimmon, with large, edible fruits and attractive fall colors; and sassafras, with fragrant flowers. These trees attract all hummingbirds and other pollinators. Eventually bald cypress will be planted overlooking the pond and will provide seed for birds and small mammals.

“We are grateful to the Naperville Bank and Trust volunteers for investing their time and energy to help plant trees this year,” said Executive Director Brad Wilson.

Look for the Sportsman’s Park entrance, north of the Garden Plots, across from Knoch Park, at 735 S. West Street.

The Naperville Park District relies on many volunteers to support its green initiatives, detailed in its annual sustainability report. To view the Sustainability Report 2021 and learn more about the district’s environmental stewardship, visit

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