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Creating notes that are easy to save has never been easier. From email notifications to smartphone reminders to smart speakers, we’re almost always within reach of a tool that can help us capture an important thought, date, phone number, or idea. But sometimes, the best way to remember to water your desk plant is to have a bright pink sticky note waiting for you on your computer monitor on Monday morning.

What to consider before buying sticky notes

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Sticky notes are still an indispensable item in offices, for students and at home. They offer a quick and easy way to jot down a note and keep it for yourself or someone else, with an adhesive backing to ensure it doesn’t get lost. Sticky Notes and their bright colors offer a streamlined and easy way to color code projects and assign tasks. They are hard to miss on a neutral surface. They are easy to spot in a black and white textbook. And if you wake up to find a sticky note with a sweet message stuck to your bathroom mirror, that’s never a bad thing.

When choosing sticky notes, it’s important to consider the function they serve. If you want to save pages in a notebook, you might want something designed specifically for that, such as a notebook. B. the Avery tabs in this list. If you organize a lot of information, you might want an option with many different colors for easy color-coding, such as: B. the Arteza sticky notes that we included. And if you want something classic and reliable, you can’t go wrong with 3×3 Canary Yellow Post-It Notes.

If you have a sticky note dispenser, you might want pop-up sticky notes (which have adhesive on alternate sides to open like an accordion). These can be more accessible with one hand (and let’s face it, they’re fun to play with).

What we looked for when choosing the best sticky notes

Sticky notes are a fairly common piece of office supplies, but there’s nothing wrong with browsing around to find the one that best suits your particular needs. That’s why we kept variety in mind when choosing the best sticky notes. There are traditional yellow 3″ x 3″ options as well as more colorful sticky notes. We’ve included slim page markers that are ideal for planners, notebooks, or just a quick one-word reminder. We’ve also reached out to brands we trust, like Post-It and Avery. In addition to size and style, quantity is a key factor. We’ve selected notes that come in a dozen for everyday home office use, as well as bulk options for professional workspaces or classrooms. Check out our top picks.

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1. Sticky Notes 3×3 inch

When it comes to sticky notes, Post-Its are still number one. They are economical, widely used, and the glue is reliable. This option is a pack of 12 and each 3×3 pad contains 100 sheets. These come in the classic canary yellow color which is vibrant enough to be seen easily but is easier to look at than brighter colors like green and pink. These can be removed cleanly and are recyclable.

advantages: Trusted brand. Yellow color is not garish.

Disadvantages: Some may prefer more variety.

Post it note

Post it note

Buy: Sticky Notes 3×3 inches

2. Arteza Sticky Notes

One of the best brands for budget art supplies, Arteza is also a good source for office supplies. Like the Highland optoin, these sticky notes come in a bulk pack. These come in a pack of 48 and each pad has 100 pages. The pads come in six different pastel colors that are vibrant yet good to look at. They are easy to remove and can even be reattached if needed. In addition to the 48-pack, you can also buy a 12-pack.

advantages: Good bulk option. Aesthetically pleasing colors. Available in packs of 12 or 48, each containing 100 sheets.

Disadvantages: No options between a 12-pack or a 48-pack.

sticky notes

sticky notes

Buy: Arteza Sticky Notes

3. AVERY Margin Ultra Tabs

Avery Ultra Tabs are an upgrade from your standard Post-It page markers. The colored tabs make it easy to find what you’re looking for, but the sticky portion of the markers is transparent so you don’t obscure any information on the page. Both sides of the tab are writable for easy reference. The tabs stick securely but can be removed and repositioned. A single pack contains 24 tabs in four colors.

advantages: Narrow tabs with clear adhesive ensure you don’t block the page. Can be repositioned as needed.

Disadvantages: Although there are a variety of color schemes to choose from, only four colors are included in a single pack.

sticky notes

sticky notes

Buy: AVERY Margin Ultra Tabs

4. Post-it notes popup

The accordion-style sticky notes mean the adhesive rotates top to bottom with each note. Designed to fit in the Post-it Notes pop-up holder, the accordion style is designed to help users write and remove notes from their pads faster. The canary yellow sticky note shown here is ideal for professional settings and the pop-up style is also available in bright colors for colour-coding. The package shown here contains five pads of 3″ x 3″ sticky notes.

Advantages: The paper used for the post-it notes comes from certified, renewable and responsibly managed forests.

Disadvantages: Because of the accordion style, it can sometimes be difficult to know which end is “up” and notes can be written sticky side down.

Post-it notes popup

Post-it notes popup

Buy: Post-it Notes pop-up

5. Highland Sticky Notes

If you’re looking for a no-frills bulk option, get this multipack from Highland. The set includes 24 packs of 3″ x 3″ notes, giving you enough for any intense brainstorming session. It comes in classic yellow. Highland is made by 3M, the same brand behind the popular sticky note brand, so you can be assured you’re getting a sticky note you can trust.

advantages: Inexpensive bulk purchase. Large 24 pack.

Disadvantages: Not as much color variety as other picks.

sticky notes

sticky notes

Buy: Highland Sticky Notes

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