To the dark side: how to turn a boring room into a stylish and vibrant space with dark color trends

Adjust the contrast

Adding contrasting colors around an impressive dark wall can take a room from flat to fabulous.

When choosing your wall color, speak to a Resene Color Advisor about shades that not only match, but really make it stand out.

“Some combinations to try are Resene Coast with Resene Karaka, or the smoky brown Resene Ironsand with dusty rose like Resene Sorbet, or olive green like Resene New Leaf,” says Rebecca.

“Use these colors as accents to accentuate wall color – think mirror frames, shelves, or even baseboards and ceilings. Then take those colors further into your home textiles through cushions, carpets and curtains.”

break the rules

The number one “rule” that can (and should) be broken is that you shouldn’t use dark colors in small spaces – that’s just not true. While it can depend on what you’re using the space for and how it’s lit, opting for dark colors won’t automatically make a small space feel claustrophobic.

While all white walls can reveal shadows and dark corners, darker shades of color in a smaller room can actually disguise the fact that it’s small; Instead, dark colors absorb light and create depth and the appearance of a larger space.

Shades like Resene Element or Resene Nocturnal actually have cool bases, making walls recessive and becoming more of a dramatic backdrop to showcase your decor rather than dominating the space.

For smaller spaces without natural light, Brenda suggests painting one wall a dark color and leaving the rest of the walls a cream color — cool or warm depending on the flooring and furniture.

Larger or brighter rooms allow for more flexibility in color choices. “When there’s a lot of natural light, a room can definitely handle color, and it can be as dark as you want, to a pastel shade or lighter,” adds Brenda.

Go on low shine

When it comes to choosing a matte or gloss finish, Brenda recommends using a low gloss finish for walls because it’s not overly glossy but has enough gloss to reflect and bounce off walls, “as opposed to a flat.” Finish that can look matte and lifeless.”

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