This Colorful Oakland Estate Comes Complete With A Stylish Cloffice – Home Tour

A blue sea awaits you Dominique Flukers off the California coast in downtown Oakland.

However, the color doesn’t come from a body of water – it comes from the walls. coated Shervin Williams‘ Commodore, the rich cobalt hue served as the ideal backdrop for Fluker’s majestic style.

“The surrounding neighborhood has many small shops and is down to earth. My apartment is a bit the opposite,” Fluker admits. “I like to call it my ‘Oakland Oasis’ as it is a luxurious and plush space yet has a lot of unique character.”

Boucle seats, brass decals and black portraits complete the palette, with each nuance harmonizing to tell a story – fitting for Fluker as storytelling is at the heart of their work.

Balancing acts as her content marketer, journalist and interior designer brand of the same namethe multi-hyphen understands the beauty in self-expression. And so her home became the perfect canvas to tap into this superpower and return the favor to herself.

“What I like most about this space is how authentic it is to me. I love how funky and cool it looks, yet so comfortable to live with,” she elaborates. “No space is off-limits, no matter how beautiful and immaculate it looks.”

Fluker was first drawn to the one-bedroom apartment because of its central location in downtown Oakland. Here you’ll find bustling galleries, art deco window displays and bustling restaurants on every street corner – the ideal environment for up-and-coming creatives.

Luckily, entering the apartment only increased her excitement. At 680 square feet, the space still felt huge and open.

“When I was able to tour my unit, I fell in love with the large bathroom, walk-in closet, and balcony,” Fluker recalls.

“I like to think of an overall design theme and color palette before I start the design process,” says Fluker.  Wayfair Console |  West Elm Planters |  Lauren Davis Artwork |  Etsy Bottles |  Sherwin Williams Color |  Litfad carpet |  CB2 table |  TheeBouffant's Artwork|  Reyna Noriega artwork.  Photographed by Samantha Tyler Cooper.

The papers were soon signed. And since Fluker is a designer herself, decorating was an immediate priority. your approach? Organic and streamlined.

“I like to think of an overall design theme and color palette before I start the design process,” she explains. “Once the design theme is in place, I can curate a detailed vision board.”

In terms of inspiration, no terrain was off-limits. “[I get it] from everywhere!” says Fluker. “Art exhibitions, textures and shapes, travel, editorial magazines and within myself.”

Perhaps the strongest source of inspiration penetrates the walls of Fluker. The blue hue was much deeper than an aesthetic choice: “The main goal was to reflect Marvel Studios’ Black Panther, Ancestral Plane scene,” says Fluker.

Spoiler alert – in the scene, the main character T’Challa wakes up to a dark, glowing blue sky known as said ancestral plane. There he meets his late father in the form of a spiritual guide and returns to the world with renewed peace and strength.

“My father died when I was in college, so that scene was significant,” Fluker explains. “I wanted to paint the walls blue to emphasize the starry night in the scene and let black art proudly represent my culture.”

By emphasizing the connection between design and emotion (“I’m inspired by how I want to feel when decorating,” says Fluker), it’s evident that this intention has enabled her to share the same feelings of peace and power.

The furniture served as the perfect vehicle to emphasize Fluker's luxurious touch.  Sherwin Williams Color |  CB2 chairs |  Wayfair bar cart.  Photographed by Samantha Tyler Cooper.

However, family living does not necessarily have to be equated with a homely or down-to-earth style in the conventional sense. Rather, it’s offset by that touch of glamor Fluker loves so much. The furniture in particular served as the perfect vehicle to play up the luxury: “Everyone [piece] adds a level of sophistication and uniqueness to my home,” says Fluker.

Ivory in the living room CB2 Chairs and a matching lacquered linen table offer structural splendor. At foot level, a Litfad Carpet sits in contrasting colors adorned with a tiger.

A preference for graphics and pop art continues almost thematically in the apartment.  Wayfair Couch |  West Elm, Society6 and CB2 Pillows |  West Elm Vase |  UzoArt artwork.  Photographed by Samantha Tyler Cooper.

The wildcat is just a taste of the delicious artwork in Fluker’s home. A penchant for graphics and pop art runs through almost thematically, from imposing portraits to smaller abstract works – each a homage to blackness.

“It means everything to have black art in my home,” says Fluker. “I’m proud of myself for making supporting black women artists and their craft a priority.”

“My favorites have to be Uzo Njokus large installations in my living room, along with TheeBouffants quirky canvas works scattered throughout my house,” she adds.

Open the bedroom door and you will find yourself in a new world. The blue walls are replaced by white, the bright accents by subtle shades of pink.

“I wanted my bedroom to exude peace, calm and serenity, so I chose a more neutral color palette,” explains Fluker. “I wanted my bedroom to feel relaxed and create a retreat.”

The space is thus minimal and more intimate. A poster of her favorite movie (Diana Ross’ mahoganyto be precise) and a childhood photo perched on an oak chest à la Scandinavian design. It matches the bed frame, takes center stage and is silky draped goal bedding.

This is where they are most often found – reading, writing or watching their favorite shows after a bath in the bathroom.

A Karen Jai marble halo lamp provides ample light whether Fluker is working or wearing her glam.  Ikea storage bins |  Karen Jai Lamp |  TheeBouffant's Artwork |  Wayfair Desk |  Wayfair Chair |  Wayfair mirror.  Photographed by Samantha Tyler Cooper.
A Karen Jai marble halo lamp provides ample light whether Fluker is working or wearing her glam. IKEA reservoir | Karen Jai lamp | TheeBouffants Artwork | Wayfair Desk | Wayfair Chair | Wayfair mirror. Photographed by Samantha Tyler Cooper.

Open the next door and another world will appear. It’s sort of the smallest “room” in the apartment, but Fluker’s favorite.

“Balancing a full-time engineering job and a thriving interior design business isn’t easy!” Fluker begins when asked about the history of the room. “During the initial stages of the pandemic, I realized the need to separate my personal and professional life. I thought why not curate a fabulous ‘cloffice’ that might inspire me too?”

So a Wayfair A desk and chair were brought in, paired with a Karen Jai Marble halo lamp that provides ample light whether Fluker is working or wearing her glam.

Family photos are the icing on the cake, a reminder of their roots. “[They] are incredibly meaningful to me as I adore my parents and grandmother and am so grateful for their profound and positive influence on my entire life,” says Fluker.

Fluker supplied special Toile wallpaper from Paris to create an accent wall.  Container Store Organizers |  Etoffe wallpaper.  Photographed by Samantha Tyler Cooper.

For the closet As part of the ‘cloffice’, Fluker supplied Toile wallpaper from Paris to create an accent wall for their heels and jewelry collection. “I chose to use pink and beige tones to emphasize my love of femininity and modesty,” she says.

It’s not just about looks though – the wallpaper divides the space so there are still some boundaries in the room. “I can choose my outfit for the day and work efficiently and comfortably without feeling claustrophobic,” explains Fluker.

Fluker's space blends luxury with comfort, liveliness with minimalism, and funk with elegance.  Old World Shoppe Juju Hat |  Chest in Scandinavian design |  Mahogany Movie Poster |  Darrin Balderidge Portrait |  Artwork by TheeBouffants.  Photographed by Samantha Tyler Cooper.

Ultimately, one can’t help but feel that Fluker’s home is a reflection of their range. She can do it all, and that carries over into her space – balancing luxury with comfort, liveliness with minimalism, and funk with elegance.

With all that her home says about her, what does she hope for? “That I am a sophisticated, complex and sophisticated woman of the world,” she concludes. It is safe to say that this has been achieved.

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