The Propel Center is launching a three-part Junior Music Executive Accelerator Series to inspire HBCU students to become future music industry executives

ATLANTA, July 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In celebration of Black Music Month, Propel Center has teamed up with five of Propel’s institutional partners to successfully launch the first of the three-part C3 series, a pipeline program for music industry executives to foster music entrepreneurship in the technology space.

The Accelerator Series, whose acronym stands for Create, Collaborate and Connect, will work to expand the pipeline of leadership in today’s music industry for HBCU students and young people of color with the goal of fulfilling these three ambitions by providing attendees with a All-access pass to learn directly from some of the music industry’s biggest minds, executives and trendsetters.

The limited C3 series is run through March 2023, with the program’s mission to ensure diverse executive pipelines reach and engage HBCU talent while accelerating the next generation of music marketing, music PR, technology and production leaders. The opening attendees, which included more than 60 students, met at master classes hosted at Clark Atlanta Universitycomes from Bethune-Cookman University, Jackson State University, Clark Atlanta UniversityEdward Waters University and Bishop State Community College.

As part of C3’s project-based, learner-driven curriculum, each of the students was tasked with introducing the consumer market to a potential new artist by curating the required music assets and then working to implement a bespoke tagging and communications campaign. The program, funded through Industry Impact Grants made available to eligible Propel Center HBCU member institutions, is endorsed by distinguished leaders, Steve HiggsCOO, Preach Records/Ingrooves and Head of A&R, and Cortez BryantCo-CEO of management firm Blueprint Group and an adjunct professor at his alma mater, Jackson State University.

Guest speakers for the introduction of the Black Music Month master class included Bryant and Higgs, Shawn GePartner/President at Live Nation Urban, Gee Roberson, Co-CEO at Blueprint Group, Tuo ClarkSVP of A&R at Def Jam, Josh Raiford by Pandora/Sirius XM, Grammy Award-winning producer Drummaboy, Dominic SimpsonCEO of CMPR, Inc. and Music Producer Fresh Ayr.

“The new C3 Series program is just another example of the innovative, empowering work being done at Propel,” said Dr. Charles J Gibbs, President, Propel Center HBCU Consortium. “As we continue to offer our students a path to help shape the future of the music industry, it is imperative that we offer them the limitless leadership opportunities beyond artist careers,” he added.

“There are countless more opportunities – and a greater likelihood of success – in the many roles out there to showcase behind-the-scenes talent that makes things happen in music, and through this accelerator platform we train our students to be the best.” prepared and ready to step into those roles.”

“The Bethune-Cookman University Music Mogul Project, launched at C3 with the Propel grant, is proving to be a successful experiential learning program for our students participating in this unique pilot project,” said the professor Sylvester Polk from BCU. “Our students enjoy their experience and the wealth of knowledge that is imparted to them,” he continued. “They had the rare opportunity to experience real-life industry operations, being in recording studios and taking masterclasses with seasoned industry professionals. This was a necessary and important addition to what we do in the classroom.”

“There is a real need for development programs in the music business. I’m so grateful that Propel stepped up to provide the resources to address this issue,” said the industry partner Cortez Bryant. Completed industrial partner Steve Higgs: “This program is the solution for equal opportunity and inclusion in leadership positions in the music industry. HBCU students deserve innovative programs like this to ensure their career readiness.”

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