The funny reason Ree Drummond dyes her hair

The fall cover of Pioneer Woman Magazine shared with Ree Drummond Instagram Audiences showed her alongside her son, Todd, and there are striking pops of orange throughout the cover. Most eye-catching was Todd’s soccer uniform, although the text on the cover was also a bright shade of orange, as were the laces on the soccer ball and the bold earrings, which Drummond paired with her slouchy black turtleneck and blue jeans. Even the recipes in this particular issue appeared to be themed for the occasion, with a title headline proclaiming that the issue contained “great food for game night.”

As Drummond explained in the caption, she was “here to normalize the hair coloring to match the school colors.” It appears the culinary queen has opted for a more orange hue to coordinate with the colors of her son’s soccer team, which makes sense for the family-oriented business owner.

The shot prompted numerous comments, many of whom couldn’t believe how grown up their son looked in the picture. Drummond’s kids have appeared on countless episodes of “The Pioneer Woman,” as Drummond conjured up recipes for ranch life, so many of her fans really did watch her grow up — after all, the show has aired for over a decade at this point gem IMDB.

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