The Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency chooses the Korea-ASEAN XR Joint Project 2022 as a bridgehead to enter the ASEAN market

BUSAN, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Busan advertising agency for the IT industry (President & CEO Mun-Seob Jeong) announced through the ASEAN-ROK ICT Convergence Village the selection of nine new projects for the Korea-ASEAN XR Joint Project 2022 to demonstrate and establish competitive Korean XR companies and promote advanced XR expand and metaverse technology into the ASEAN market.

After the 2019 ASEAN-ROK Commemorative Summit in Busan, the ASEAN-ROK ICT Convergence Village was first implemented in 2020. The project aiming to expand ICT exchanges and mutual growth in Korea and ASEAN is underway the National Agency for the Promotion of the IT Industry (NIPA) and Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency (BIPA), hosted by the Korean Ministry of Science and ICTand metropolitan city of Busan.

The nine selected projects are as follows:

1. XR museum content and exhibition platform for National Museum BangkokThailand (Fun it Co., Ltd.)

2. Full Body Motion Virtual Avatar Capturing Live Interaction Project in Indonesia (Kovee Co., Ltd., Filder Tax Co., Ltd.)

3. XR Convergence Sports Contents and Experience Center Demonstration Project in Myanmar (Insol M&T Co., Ltd., KMPI Consortium Co., Ltd.)

4. Korea and ASEAN Virtual Exhibition Platform Based on 3D Metaverse Immersive Gallery in Myanmar (GD Communication & Asian Arts Cooperation)

5. Metaverse exercise solution tailored to Vietnamese body types using body recognition technology and kiosk (Tiger AI, RH-Tech Co., Ltd., Industrial-Academic Cooperation Group of Dongmyeong University)

6. Indonesian Police Taser Gun Training System with VR (Jacob System Co., Ltd., Premoem Co., Ltd.)

7. Complete golf training system with XR technology in Malaysia (Smile Square, Hello Studio Co., Ltd.)

8. AR-based telemedicine and collaboration system in Indonesia (Pusan ​​​​National University Hospital, ITIZ, ION-M Solution Co., Ltd.)

9. Production of XR safety training and training content in Brunei (Safety XR) (YST Co., Ltd.)

BIPA plans to fund the above projects totaling around USD 2.3 million for their demonstration and commercialization in the ASEAN market to support the application of XR content in various business fields in the ASEAN region.

In 2021 alone, BIPA funded around US$2.5 million for six projects, including the construction project of the XR tourism platform for the Imperial City of Hue, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which led to the launch of tourism products.

Mun-Seob Jeong, President and CEO of BIPA said, “I hope that the 2022 Korea-ASEAN XR Joint Project will be a good opportunity for ASEAN and ROK to start cooperation on various projects. BIPA will continue to discover and support specific projects as per ASEAN region requirements.”

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