The Best Popsicle Shapes | reviews

Popsicle molds are for people who want to enjoy sweet and tasty treats without the effort.
Although generally associated with making homemade ice cream for the whole family during the hot summer, a few times a year popsicle molds have taken on a life form that goes beyond a convenient snack.

Nutrition-conscious moms have used popsicle molds as a diet reformer for their children. Gone are the days when you would pour a few ounces of soda into a popsicle mold and give your little one a sugar-soaked frozen treat. Today, many parents lay out nutritious fruits and vegetables for their children to suck on without losing the vibrant taste.

If you’re single or just experimenting with turning drinks, snacks or meals into popsicles, popsicle shapes are more versatile than you think. From cereal, coffee, tea, and even lime-flavored margaritas, popsicle molds are great for BBQs, parties, and other social gatherings.

Plastic, silicone or stainless steel – which is better
The first material that comes to mind for many of us when thinking of popsicle molds is plastic. Although it’s a standard association with anything frozen and homemade, stainless steel and silicone molds have become viable alternatives.

Plastic molds are ideal for seasonal popsicle makers. This material is inexpensive and durable, however rigorous use will likely shorten the lifespan of this particular material. Another potential downside related to plastic molds is the ease of removing a popsicle from a mold. In most cases, pulling out your tasty treats requires placing hot water under the mold to loosen the ice.

Silicone, while having properties similar to plastic, is more flexible than plastic. Silicone also offers a wide range of popsicle shapes and makes popsicle popping out easy by simply flipping open the mold from the bottom to remove. However, silicone is susceptible to trapped mold, which can cause serious health problems if not thoroughly cleaned immediately after use.

Stainless steel molds work best for large batches of popsicles. Stainless steel is an excellent conductor of cold air and freezes popsicle molds quickly. Another advantage of stainless steel is that it doesn’t contain any potentially harmful chemicals, making it much safer for children and adults alike. These molds are also easy to clean and last longer than plastic and silicone. A potential downside to stainless steel molds is their ease of use. While they are sturdy and durable, pouring the contents into the molds and popping them in the freezer takes some effort due to all the pieces that need to be assembled.

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