The 9 best green paint colors that designers keep turning to

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Why leave the love of Mother Nature outside? Sourcing the best green colors for kitchens, bedrooms and cozy nooks can be a fitting tribute to the great outdoors. It’s been less than a year since multiple paint companies named a sage-like hue the official color of 2022, and we’re already seeing that It color incorporated into just about everything—from the Catskills retreats’ kitchens to the fixtures historic brownstones.

And despite what you may have heard to the contrary, it’s actually quite easy to be green or go green. But first, it’s important to choose the ideal shade for the space by considering the area’s size, function, and natural light conditions. Once you’ve got the basics down, take a look at the nine designer-approved shades below, including inky emerald, earthy moss, and eye-catching teal. Pick the right one and you’ll be sure to make other designers—you guessed it—the envy.

Vintage Vogue by Benjamin Moore.

Aquilo Interiors used vintage Vogue in this eclectic living space.

Photo: Meghan Caudill

Vintage Vogue by Benjamin Moore

“I mean first of all, the name is awesome: vintage fashion. need i say more It’s such a magical color! It is warm, saturated, impactful and alive. Beyond that, I would argue that it’s also neutral – well, my version of neutral. Vintage Vogue is Best Supporting Actress; she plays well with others. The kind of friend that you can introduce to anyone. It provides the perfect base for this gallery wall and brings together otherwise disparate pieces. The glue of the group!” —Carmen René Smith, Aquilo Interiors

Verdigris by Benjamin Moore.

Verdigris enlivens order in this sunny space by Heather Hilliard Design.

Photo: Johannes Merkl

Verdigris by Benjamin Moore

verdigris is one of my favorite vegetables; It is a unique bluish green resulting from the oxidation process of copper and brass. We thought it was the perfect complement to the wallcovering, namely Extra-Fine Arrowroot, Key West by Phillip Jeffries. It really accentuates the architectural flourish and is still soft but also a little out of the box. Although this room isn’t in a beach house, I also love it for coastal projects. It’s less predictable than nautical blues, but still gives context to the setting.” — Heather Hilliard, design by Heather Hilliard

Farrow & Ball French Gray.

Workstead’s Stefanie Brechbuehler identifies French Gray – featured on the wall of this interior – as one of the best green colors.

Photo: Matthew Williams

Farrow & Ball French Gray

“We coated everything in this Park Slope apartment with a matte but washable varnish Farrow & Ball French Gray (which, despite its name, is more of a very soft green). We proceeded to paint all of the residence’s walls, baseboards, window frames, interior blinds and even radiators so that several architectural elements now appear as one textured plane.” —Stefanie Brechbühler, Workstead

Studio Green by Farrow & Ball.

The hue in a powder room designed by Clive Lonstein.

Photo: Rodolfo Martinez

Studio Green by Farrow & Ball

“For this powder room I wanted to create a dark environment as the room didn’t have any natural light. When a small space is dark, it creates a sense of depth, and the plaster finish sets the room’s soothing tone. I wanted to work with the soapstone sink to create a monochromatic environment. I decided Studio Green by Farrow & Ball because of its perfect pairing with the material, it complements the soapstone.” — Clive Lonstein, Clive Lonstein, Inc.

Largo Teal by Benjamin Moore.

Arditi Designs chose Largo Teal for this bedroom.

Photo: Sinan Tuncay

Largo Teal by Benjamin Moore

“I love the Largo Teal by Benjamin Moore because although it is a bolder colour, it still has a calming undertone and can be used in different rooms of the home. We chose to use it in this master bedroom to balance the delicate patterns on the wallpaper.” —Rozit Arditi, Arditi Designs

Green Smoke by Farrow & Ball.

Green Smoke takes over a powder room from LH.Designs.

Photo: Lauren Pressey

Green Smoke by Farrow & Ball

green smoke has a very soft, calm quality. I loved using it in this powder room because it brought in some of the natural elements from the outside without feeling “woody”. I love this perfect green because it can appear neutral so that other elements in a room stand out, but also complement other colors like gold, black, ivory, brown, mustard, plum, navy blue and more.” – Linda Hayslett, LH. designs

Katie Davis uses Bancha throughout the interior, including the ceiling.

Photo: Kerry Kirk

Bancha by Farrow & Ball

“We love pop Bancha offers. It’s bright enough green to give you a wow factor but not blind you. Our client wanted something dramatic for this entryway, but with limited natural light in the room, we didn’t want it to feel too dark. We chose to do the paint varnish, which adds an extra shine to brighten the color but still adds that dose of drama.” — Katie Davis, Katie Davis Design

Shady Lane by Benjamin Moore.

Cathie Hong identifies Shady Lane as one of the best green colors – and uses it on a kitchen island.

Photo: Margaret Austin

Shady Lane by Benjamin Moore

“I’ve always been a proponent of olive green and find it adds warmth and depth to almost any space. For this kitchen, we tried about five different olive greens, including Benjamin Moore Avocado and Benjamin Moore Guacamole. Eventually we landed shady alley, because it offered a subtle depth that we felt would age well and looked comfortably serene from dawn to dusk.” – Cathie Hong, Cathie Hong Interiors

Pigeon used on cabinets in an interior by Sarah Fultz, who credits the hue as her choice for best green paint color.

Photo: Matti Gresham

Pigeon by Farrow & Ball

“This is one of them most versatile paint colors I have ever worked with It reads differently depending on the room, which can make it a bit difficult to use. But if the space has plenty of natural light, a beautiful result is basically guaranteed.” – Sarah Fultz, Sarah Fultz Interiors

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