Strawberry Auburn Hair is the latest shade of red we can’t get enough of – photos

Red hot hair doesn’t slow down that quickly. We’ve seen peaches, copper coins, and strawberry brunette trendy, and now strawberry red hair is the latest twist on the shade that’s going to be everywhere.

According to Lorena M. Valdes, colorist at Chicago Maxi Salon, the shade is the best way to play with red tones if you prefer a softer approach. “The look uses auburn to create a rich feel, while the strawberry highlights have more copper to brighten the look,” she says. “Balayage was my favorite technique for this look.”

If you’re tempted to switch to the red side (trust me, you won’t regret it) but don’t want to be as bold as saying Gigi Hadid at the Met Gala, Valdes recommends calming down with strawberry auburn . “This shade suits anyone interested in playing with warmer colors without fully committing to a fully saturated look,” she says. “Because different techniques are used that create the illusion of fully saturated color, the result is a softer growth.”

These techniques include a subtle maroon highlight that runs in a foil from the roots to the end, and some balayage pieces that are soft at the root and thicker towards the end. Not only does this give you a more natural effect, but it also grows out less obviously, so you spend less time in the salon.

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Valdes notes that for the example above, her model was a medium/light brown, which provided the perfect base for a more natural strawberry hue. “With darker bases, the color has more contrast but still grows out softly from the balayage.” No matter what shade you start with, she recommends asking for a high/low balayage with a red glow for a similar look. “Highlights are fantastic too, but need to be touched up sooner,” she adds.

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