Spring Nail Color: I always get compliments on this unexpected shade

It’s true: no spring nail color is more classic than baby pink. But this season I’ve reached for another, more unexpected pastel: a bright turquoise created by Gucci Beauty’s Vernis À Ongles nail polish Dorothy Turquoise. This iconic shade first caught my attention at the 2019 Met Gala, where Harry Styles sported a gothic manicure on the arm of Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele, punctuated by some tactful nails accented with turquoise. I was immediately drawn in by the dose of cool contrast it delivered against its billowy black blouse and stacks of metallic rings. A challenging color story! Inspired by the fresh life of spring and with a longing for variety, I finally reached for my sculptural, pear-shaped bottle of nail polish. I traded in my bare, polished nails for a dull monochrome manicure in the rich teal – and have been enjoying the results ever since.

Gucci Vernis à Ongles nail polish

It’s no coincidence: Turquoise is a feel-good hue—and one historically associated with calming and soothing energy, befitting spring. “It’s refreshing yet bold,” says the New York nail artist Mo Qin, of the universally flattering gem color, whose clients include Ashley Graham and Jodie Turner-Smith. “It reminds me of a translucent ocean.” In terms of wardrobe harmony, I love how it looks with black leather, rusty brown, earthy yellow, and the occasional flash of something bolder like fuchsia pink or avocado green. In recent weeks it has served as a nice transitional color for the warmer months that has been admired by friends and strangers alike. Another reason I fell in love with it? As I walk through New York City and my neighborhood in Brooklyn, I love how my nails match the turquoise copper patina seen on old pre-war buildings. It’s a spring nail color that feels fresh and classy at the same time.

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