Ready for spring? The Hudson Garden Club’s Spring Plant Exchange will be held on May 17th

The Hudson Garden Club is hosting its 2022 Spring Plant Exchange on Tuesday, May 17 at 7 p.m. in the Veterans Way Park Pavilion.

For over 34 years, the Hudson Garden Club has invited the community to participate in the time-honored tradition of plant sharing. Thousands of plants have found new homes and brought joy as they grow, many are shared again years later, and the cycle continues.

In many ways, little has changed since the early days when the rule was, “Bring a plant, take a plant, and if you have none, pay a small price.” Since its inception in 1933, the Hudson Garden Club has been known for its decades-long tradition, and the biannual Plant Fair is one of them.

When club member Sue L’Hommedieu had the idea in the late 1980s that it would be fun to dig up plants from your own gardens, bring them all together in one place and share them with other plant lovers, a tradition that continues to this day was born .

For over 25 years, the May Pavilion in Hudson Springs Park has been the home of the May and September Exchanges. In recent years the exchange has moved to the Pavilion in Veterans Way Park which has parking nearby and is a perfect location.

The organizers say that “each season we are delighted to see those who make it their own tradition to come every year and all the first-time visitors who want to bring new plants to their gardens. They are great gifts for us and our gardens. We hope you will come and join us.”

For over 34 years, the Hudson Garden Club has invited the community to participate in the time-honored tradition of plant sharing.  This year's event will take place on April 17.

The plant exchange is not a fundraiser for the association; it shares plants from home gardens. This is also a great opportunity to visit the park. The Hudson Garden Club donates a portion of the funds to trees and other projects in the parks and around town through its only fundraiser, the Home and GardenTour.

Veterans Way Park is located at 55 Veterans Way near downtown and can be reached from Route 91 (Starbucks stoplight) or Milford Road (which runs past Acme Plaza). The pavilion is located right next to the parking lot next to the children’s playground, making it easy to bring plants home to share and take with you. Check-in starts at 6:00 p.m. and exchange starts at 7:00 p.m. sharp

Check-In: Each plant must be divided and tagged and brought to the Exchange potted in good condition. A label was designed that consistently marks all plants and is easy for volunteers and those who select plants. The label identifies the plant by name, colour, height, flowering time and growth needs ie sun, shade etc. Visit the HGC website – – there will be more details and helpful information on preparing your plants to bring plant labels to download and more complete guidelines. Click on the link to the plant exchanges.

The club welcomes as many plants, bulbs, tubers and seeds as you wish to share, with the exception of ground covers (no ground covers will be accepted) or if it is a known invasive perennial or herb. Invasive plants, shrubs or trees will not be accepted.

No more than two of the following plants will be accepted:

  • Herbs: lemon balm, mint, chives, valerian, tansy and bee balm (Monarda)
  • Fast-spreading perennials: Roadside daylily, yarrow, loosestrife, black-eyed susan, schasta daisy, obedient plant, coreopsis and violet among others.

A ticket will be issued for each standard sized plant brought. You can use the tickets to buy plants from the fair and if you have leftover tickets they can be used for a plant fair that is held in the same year. If you don’t have plants to share, plants can be bought at the end of the exchange.

All plants, except for the Premium plants, which are marked as such and are slightly more expensive, are available for a ticket/or $1.

Don’t forget to bring containers to take your plants home with you.

If you have any questions, call Sherry Beam at 330-573-6353 or email: [email protected].

Check out the HGC website: it has more details and helpful information on preparing your plants to bring home. to download plant labels and read more complete guidelines. All plants must be labeled (thanks). Click on this Plant Exchange link to go directly to the website.

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*****As the Covid situation continues to evolve, we will be following the City of Hudson, Summit County, Ohio, and CDC recommendations and guidelines in effect at this time for outdoor gatherings on city properties.**** *

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