Power Ranking New merchandise at THON 2022

After a two-year hiatus, THON is finally back at the Bryce Jordan Center.

Along with the start of the annual spectacle, new merchandise is now available on THON’s website and in the halls of the BJC.

Most of the new gear has a strong emphasis on the Spark Endless Light theme. From hoodies to classic tees, let’s take a look at some of our favorite merchandise THON has to offer this time.

No. 10 — 2022 THON Alumni Short Sleeve

Although the Spark Endless Light white t-shirt ranks 10th in our power rankings, its sleek two-tone design coupled with its versatile potential cannot be underestimated.

The gray and white combo not only makes the shirt perfect for Saturday night’s White Out Pep Rally, but also ensures you’ll look your best at any Penn State White Out or “Wear White” sporting event taking place across campus , feel like at home.

In addition, proceeds from the purchase of the shirt will benefit both THON and the Penn State Alumni Association. It’s a win-win situation.

#9 – 2022 Saltwater Long Sleeve T-Shirt

At first glance, the first long sleeve garment in our ranking looks pretty simplistic. But the minimalist design on the front of the shirt makes up for the huge logo placement on the back.

The all-white embodiment of the logo contrasts with the shirt’s “saltwater” color scheme, making it a must-have in THON’s new apparel line.

#8 – I THON… T-Shirt

Similar to the first t-shirt, this design is even simpler. However, so many people who participate in the annual fight against childhood cancer do so with a specific person or cause in mind. Why not write it yourself?

The concept of this shirt is neat and creative, and its reasonable price of $10 makes the deal even sweeter.

#7 – 2022 THON Alpine Green Crewneck

Once again THON has done it with an elegant design and a unique color combination. The alpen green isn’t typically a color worn by Penn State fans, but the THON logo certainly looks like it’s right where it belongs, in the background.

According to the THON shop, the crew neck costs a whopping $38, but the “Spark Endless Light” logo on the back makes it a unique memento for the first in-person event in two years.

#6 – Gold Ribbon Flannel Pants

The first non-top in our comprehensive merchandise rankings, the Gold Ribbon Flannel Pants cracked our top 10 almost halfway down the list.

If you’re planning on entering the BJC during THON’s ‘graveyard hours’, these comfy bottoms could be perfect for rolling out of bed and exploring the nightly spectacle.

#5 – 2022 THON Amethyst Short Sleeve T-Shirt

At number 5 we have another addition to the THON line of t-shirts featuring a new white and purple tie-dye color dubbed “Amethyst”.

While we’re not exactly sure how “amethyst” is defined, the color sure is smooth. The large THON 2022 logo on the front adds a premium touch to the garment and again the Spark Endless Light logo on the back keeps the theme alive and consistent across the newly launched clothing line.

#4 Retro For The Kids Ringer T-Shirt

Celebrating THON’s 50th anniversary, this classic throwback look is sure to remind alumni who danced at the White Building and HUB a long time ago.

From the collar and sleeves to the 80’s theme on the front, you can’t go wrong with the Champion-branded For The Kids t-shirt that throws it back to generations of Penn Staters bygone.

#3 – Shuttershade Vest

On our third spot, we have the THON-branded Columbia Shuttershade Vest, which is a perfect way to usher in the latest bout of Spring weather sweeping State College.

Its fleece material keeps you comfortable and warm at the same time, helping you to represent THON in style. At $45 the vest is on the pricier side of THON merchandise, but compared to other Columbia gear it seems like the site is offering customers real value for money.

#2 – FTK Polaroid T-Shirt

In the thicket of the last two spots we have the new FTK Polaroid T-Shirt. Although the front isn’t too flashy, the back of the design makes the shirt a great addition to the THON line.

On the back, the shirt combines “movie images” of campus landmarks and THON-related icons to capture the weekend as a whole.

From the outside of the BJC, the Lion Shrine, and the famous “We Are” statue, the short-sleeve shirt perfectly showcases how Penn State and THON come together to create the world’s largest student-led philanthropy.

#1 – THON Weekend Long Sleeve

We’ve finally reached the top. The best novelty in the THON merchandise line is the THON Weekend Longsleeve.

The yellow band on the front shows what THON is all about and the blue and pink bubbles take the design to another level.

For the first true THON weekend since February 2020, it’s only fitting to represent THON as it should be – with a full audience at the Bryce Jordan Center for 46 hours straight.

If you want to buy gear from the latest collection of THON items, click on the THON Store link here.

Connor Krause is a sophomore from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a dual degree in journalism and business. He is a lifelong Penn State football and basketball fan and loves to support Pittsburgh sports teams. In his free time, Connor plays golf and pick-up basketball. You can follow his Twitter and Instagram @ckrause_31.

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