Peter Harvey previously handled the arbitrations between Hue Jackson and Scot McCloughan

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While we await a decision from Peter Harvey in the Deshaun Watson attraction, it’s important to remember that this isn’t Harvey’s first NFL rodeo.

He has handled at least two prior arbitrations that have resulted in an outcome favorable to the NFL teams involved in the disputes.

In 2020, Harvey determined that former Browns coach Hue Jackson’s arbitration claims against the team could not proceed because he had signed the release to secure his buyout following his 2018 sacking. Jackson claimed, among other things, that the Browns’ “four-year plan” provided incentives for refueling by tying bonuses for the coaches and front office to factors preventing a short-term win. Harvey never got the merits of Jackson’s claims because Harvey concluded that Jackson had agreed to waive any claims in order to receive ongoing compensation.

Previously, Harvey served as arbiter of former Washington GM Scot McCloughan’s complaint. He had sued the team after being fired for cause. The team said he was fired because of his drinking. Among other things, McCloughan argued that the team knew he was drinking again when he was hired, that drinking did not affect his job performance, and that in many ways the organization’s culture arose out of alcohol use and abuse.

Harvey would not take these matters further unless he provided the league with the desired results. And for Harvey, maintaining the relationship is important because it’s a selling point when recruiting other clients.

Although not a League employee, Harvey is paid to provide services to the League. If he suddenly stops giving the league what it wants from him, the league will start looking for someone else to do it.

This is how it works in many forms of business. Harvey may not be an employee of the League, but he is committed to it. That means the outcome of the Watson appeal will be exactly what the NFL wants. If not, someone else will eventually be signed to the league in his place.

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