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Leesburg, Va. (May 3, 2022) – In celebration of Arbor Day, the City of Leesburg Tree Commission, along with Mayor Kelly Burk and Council Member Zack Cummings, planted a Black Gum Tree in front of Leesburg Elementary School on Friday, April 29 along with about 75 fourth graders.

During the trial, Commissioners Pat Hatfield and Phil Marshall explained how to properly plant a tree and why it’s important to dig “an ugly pit.”

The city’s urban forest and landscape specialist, Tyler Wright, also explained the importance of trees and their multiple benefits to the community.

“Trees provide our residents with many benefits from summer shade, edible fruit, and spectacular fall colors. All of these things combine to make Leesburg a greener, cleaner, cooler community,” Wright said.

Each student received a free Chickasaw plum tree seedling to take home on behalf of the Tree Commission. The city has been recognized as Tree City USA since 1989 for its commitment to effective urban forest management.

The Leesburg Tree Commission is taking the lead to improve, expand and preserve the tree canopy in the city of Leesburg for the benefit of the community. The Commission is dedicated to promoting tree protection and planting within city limits, providing a healthy and diverse canopy, and ensuring a superior quality of life for all city dwellers through the use of the ecosystem services that trees provide. Trees act as our “green officers” and are seen as a necessity rather than a nicety.

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