My top 5: Visual artist Nicky Davis

Visual artist Nicky Davis shares his favorite things to do in Houston | Courtesy of Nicky Davis

In our My top 5 In this series we turn to the Houstonians who create and shape Houston’s character and ask them to share their own favorite things that make H-Town their home. This week we’re excited to introduce lifelong Houston native and visual artist Nicky Davis.

You can find Nicky Davis as one of the featured artists participating in a live painting battle at Secret Walls’ Support Your Local Artist (SYLA) Tour in Houston on Wednesday, August 31, 2022 at the House of Blues.

My top 5 things to do in Houston: Nicky Davis

  1. Houston Graffiti Park – This is the number one destination I would recommend to anyone visiting Houston. It’s not like an actual store or even a managed place, but it’s where Houston muralists and graffiti artists show their skills, and it’s just beautiful. Multiple city blocks covered in art for your viewing and selfie pleasure. Totally free and when you’re done looking at the art there are some cool bars, breweries and restaurants nearby.
  2. Take a brewery tour – I’m a huge beer snob and Houston has some great breweries for you to try. Astral Brewing makes my favorite Hazy beers in Houston. I don’t know how they do it, but every beer they make is the best beer I’ve ever tasted. If you like hazy and hoppy, give them a try. We bring board games and hang out here as much as we can. Another great brewery I enjoy visiting is Great Heights Brewing. Really good beer and a cool neighborhood vibe. Finally, I would recommend Saint Arnold if you want to hang out in the nicest beer garden in town. Huge outdoor area with great food. Saint Arnold’s also has many murals at its nearby distribution centers, so be sure to check out the artwork!
  3. Cafe Brazil – I’ve been drinking coffee in Brasil since I was old enough to drive. This is my favorite place to bring a sketchbook, grab a coffee and some nice food, and just draw. They also own the art gallery next door and put on some great shows. If possible, try to catch one of their movie nights.
  4. Museum of Fine Arts, Houston – This museum is huge! They put on some great shows and have recently grown into a whole new building with these amazing light installations (the yellow hall will freak you out just realizing what’s happening). I also bring my sketchbook here and sit and draw.
  5. White Oak Music Hall – Live music in Houston is pretty awesome. Lots of bands come by and White Oak is the best venue since the Fitzgerald closed. Look for a show on their lawn or one of their indoor stages for a fun night out. Be sure to visit the Raven Tower next door for pre-game play (and more cool murals).

Around Nicky Daviss

Nicky Davis is a visual artist living and working in Houston, Texas. His illustrative style is consistent across a variety of mediums including: designer toys, murals, fine art, NFTs and merchandise ( His work has been featured in gallery exhibitions worldwide and his murals have been featured at numerous festivals including: Pow Wow Worldwide, Wild West Mural Fest, IllFest, HUE Mural Festival and more. A lifelong Houstonian, Nicky’s goal is to bring large scale colorful murals to the streets of his city.

Follow him on: youtube | Twitter | Instagram | tick tock

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