Mitsubishi Chemical adds Kai’li Blue as a mid-launch mid-spin offering

Just like Kai’li White, Blue uses high-tenacity MR70 carbon fiber and SLRC (Super Low Resin Content) prepreg for a strong, responsive shaft. Prepreg refers to the layers of resinous carbon fiber that are combined in the construction of a golf shaft.

The MR70 carbon fiber was specifically designed and developed by MCG for high-performance aerospace applications. It is an innovative carbon fiber material that is 20% stronger and has a 10% higher modulus than traditional materials.

The SLRC prepreg contains up to 15% more carbon fiber and 13% less resin than conventional prepregs. This allows for a higher density of carbon fibers, providing up to 40 times the strength with less added weight and a cleaner feel. The SLRC fibers are also oriented at a unique 45 degree angle to provide additional tip strength and a lower torque rating.

A final element of the Kai’li shaft story is the implementation of the GEARS 3D motion capture system, which allows MCG engineers to measure both the golfer and the club simultaneously. Nodes are placed on the racquet head and shaft to measure how the shaft twists, flexes, sags, loads, etc. Validating new products and prototypes is extremely useful for the company, but it’s just as valuable when it helps designers shows where to make corrections and adjustments.

“We’ve always thoroughly tested our products with robotics and player testing,” Reed said. “As we expended more and more resources within this process, we began working with the GEARS motion capture system to analyze the shaft’s behavior in 3D motion. This enables us to validate existing structures and qualify development structures. As we continue to grow, it is important to take our testing processes and systems to the next level.”

The Kai’li Blue shafts are available in the following weights and flexes:

Kai’li Blue 50 Grams (R, S)

Kai’li Blue 60 (R, S, X, TX)

Kai’li Blue 70 (S, X, TX)

Kai’li Blue 80 (X, TX)

Kai’li will only be available at MCG authorized retailers and distributors at a suggested retail price of $300. (Click here for more information)

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