Letter to the Editor: Be a part of the 2022 Back-to-School Rally

Dear editor,

We would like to invite you to the 24th Annual Back to School Rally hosted by Project Reach Inc. GANG, “God’s Anointed Now Generation,” is a non-profit youth and community organization. The rally will be held on Saturday, July 9, 2022 at 10 a.m. at Midway Middle School, 425 Edgewater Drive, Midway, GA 31320.

The rally will be streamed live along with a Resource Drive-Thru.

Free school supplies, health checks, DJ entertainment, refreshments and much more.

Last year, over a thousand book bags were given out from our station alone, and there were 46 other station setups, and over 300 vehicles passed through. Each station has been prepared with materials for all grade levels. For the 2022 rally we expect a larger turnout.

Drive-through is a safe and productive way to ensure everyone is following CDC guidelines.

There were no reports of anyone contracting the virus at the rally.

50 COVID-19 tests were carried out.

Tests, vaccines (age groups to be determined) and a United Way of Liberty County food giveaway will be offered this year.

This is not a fundraiser, so there will be no sale of any kind.

Project Reach GANG Inc. would like to invite you to participate in this event by creating a station to distribute resource information about your business, organization, church or personal projects, as well as school supplies and more.

This is a fantastic opportunity to let Liberty County and the surrounding area know about your business or organization, give back to our communities, and prepare our students for the upcoming school year.

We know that this year more than ever, families need help purchasing school supplies. This year’s theme is “Focus on the now! Preparing for the future.” This will happen as we join forces to support our students and the school district in whatever way we can.

Set-up time is Saturday morning from 8-9:15am on the day of the event. All stations must be set up and operational by 9:30 am. The event will be streamed live, along with community leaders greeting the families. The ride starts at 10:00 am and ends at 1:00 pm. We will follow CDC guidelines: social distancing, wearing masks, gloves and constant use of hand sanitizer.

You can contact Project Reach GANG Inc. for a booth space.

You will need a table, a folding chair, and a pop-up tent for those not stationed under the ramp cover.

We will inform you if a tent is required.

The registration deadline is June 18, 2022. However, the earlier you register, the better places you will get.

Please note that families will remain in their vehicles and we, the collaborating partners, will distribute resources to the number of students in each vehicle. Sellers are asked to pre-pack your promotional gifts.

To ensure every vehicle is taken care of, this year we will color code vehicles and stations.

Each station has a colored number card (this is the station you will be at). There is a color chart on the windshield of each car with the number of students needed. They only stop at the station that matches the color chart on their windshield. (Station 1 purple – purple car card; Station 2 green – green car card; Station 3 yellow – yellow car card, etc.)

Hopefully this will help serve everyone.

There is no charge for a stand space. However, if you wish to sow a seed for this remarkable project, all checks may be made payable to Project Reach, PO Box 465, Riceboro, GA 31323. For additional information, please contact Lavonia LeCounte, Executive Director, PO Box 465, Riceboro, GA 31323; (912) 977-3951; [email protected]

Thank you for your consideration.


Lavonia LeCounte, General Manager, Project Reach GANG Inc.

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