How to use Google Maps to see air quality?

Google Maps allows users to check the air quality nearby, both in their Android and iOS versions.

This is one of the applications that can be used Google Mapswhich celebrates its 15th anniversary in 2022 with several innovations.

The new Google Maps feature

This information is displayed in the form of a new map layer, such as that showing public transit, bike lanes, or traffic conditions.

To access the air quality layer you must click on the icon that shows the different map layers and then “air quality” in which “card details” section.

The information is automatically displayed on the map in the relevant areas with a color code and an index showing the recently measured air quality results.

Scrolling down through the results gives you a more detailed view of air quality in a neighborhood or city.

Service valid in the United States only

The user should note that for the United States, the only country where this data currently appears, the information is provided by Environmental Protection Agency and the PurpleAir Network of atmospheric sensors that measure the amount of pollutants in the air.

In the future, this service could become international and mobile users will soon be able to check the local air quality in their region thanks to data from local partners.

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