Coronavirus: US business offers color-coded wristbands to indicate comfort level of social distancing



As Americans try to return to at least some level of Life before the pandemic, a grocery store in Wisconsin tries something new to alleviate the awkwardness and anxiety that comes with it.

Metcalfes Market in Madison and Wauwatosa know that people have different levels of comfort when it comes to social distancing. So the market started offering free color-coded wristbands to help people communicate non-verbally with what they were comfortable with.

You have three levels that mimic traffic lights, explains the store in a Video posted on Facebook.

Red means that someone wants to stay two meters apart and has no physical contact with other people. Yellow is labeled “Elbows Only” so people are still cautious but not necessarily six feet apart. Green welcomes high fives and handshakes.

The bands are offered at all three branches. Customers can grab one when they walk in, and team members wear them too.

“If nothing else, it will likely calm many other people,” said customer Howard Ellis said CNN subsidiary WISN.

The store made a one-off purchase of around 50,000 bracelets for the three locations and plans to reassess demand after the move, the subsidiary reported.


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