CavinKare hires Bhawana Sharma as Head of Digital Marketing

CavinKare has appointed Bhawana Sharma as Head of Digital Marketing. “New opportunities bring new opportunities. I am extremely excited to join CavinKare as their Digital Marketing Director and motivated to work for the brand to reach new heights in the digital space. Cheers to new insights,” Sharma said of her new role.

In her previous role, she managed digital marketing for Realme India, overseeing social media, community, performance marketing, digital media buying, influencer marketing and brand collaborations. She also played a key role in shaping the content strategy for the brand.

Before that she was Social Media Manager and Account Lead at Hakuhodo Inc. Before that she was Social Media Marketing Manager at Cheil India where she was responsible for designing and executing the social media strategy. She was also responsible for all ideation, content creation and distribution across media, measurement and competitive analysis. She has created 360 degree campaigns with celebrity support for multiple product launches.

She has worked in multiple agencies on the front lines of social and digital content for Samsung and Maruti Suzuki, running a number of award-winning campaigns.

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