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Money Control PRO

Moneycontrol was the first company to report on July 8 that Razorpay, Pine Labs and American payments company Stripe are the first players to receive the RBI’s nod in principle.

Razorpay confirms receipt of RBI's approval in principle for the payment aggregator license

  • Exclusive:ग्रोथ और मुनाफा दोनों हमारे लिए हैं अहम- फाल्ਯनन

  • Nifty 17900 के ने ने

  • Policybazaar IPO refund: क्या आपको शेय भी भी पैसे भी भी लौटे जानिए जानिए क्या क्या?

  • Kafeel Khan: योगी सरकार ने गोरखपुर के BRD कॉलेज के डॉ. ”

  • SBI या Post Office? ”

  • Nykaa ipo: फाल्गुनी की की दौलत मेंाफा, अअ की लिस्ट में में

  • Yes securities ने q Q2 नतीजों बाद बाद स्टॉक की घटाई ेटिंग ेटिंग वजह?

  • Msci इंडेक्स में बदलाव बदलाव का ऐलान, जाने कौन कंपनियां होंगी शामिल शामिल औ बाहह

  • Kangana ranaut: जानें, पद्म के दौदौान क्यों क्यों जौह को को ही थीं नौत नौत?

  • E-GCA start: ज्योतिदित्य ने ऑनलाइन प्लेटफॉ्म E-GCA लॉन्च, मिलेंगी DGCA की 298 ससस्विसेज

  • कोकोा वायय महामाी से फैला 80 लाख टनsal

Surname Price change % change
NTPC 144.80 1.10 0.77
Indiabull’s ed 97.65 3.45 3.66
Sbi 488.20 -0.35 -0.07
Rec 130.50 -0.30 -0.23


Will India be a $5 trillion economy by FY27?


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Binance has served crypto traders in Iran for years despite US sanctions, customers say

Tamil Nadu |  O Panneerselvam expelled from AIADMK, E Palaniswami takes charge of party

IPO snapshot

Equity capital Type issue price problem size batch size edition open close output
Healthy life profile SME IPO 10 10 10000 13-07 18-07
Equity capital issue price listing date entry opened close listing Listing Profits % CMP Current Profits %
Sailani tours fifteen 08-07 01/16 16.27 8.47 16.18 7.87
Modi’s Navnirma 180 07-07 203.00 189.70 5.39 209.10 16.17
Pearl Green Clu 186 07-07 210.25 198.50 6.72 209.50 12.63
Goel food 72 28-06 86.25 78.75 9.38 86.10 19.58
To plan fund class The information order form open date Graduation Date
No NFO details available.
Equity capital Type issue price problem size batch size subscription edition open close output

Modi’s Navnirma View profile

SME IPO 180 22.68 0 23-06 28-06

Pearl Green Clu View profile

SME IPO 186 11.72 0 27-06 29-06

KCK Ind View profile

SME IPO 30 4.5 0 27-06 30-06

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SME IPO fifteen 1.9 0 27-06 30-06

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Balwant Jain
Balwant Jain

tax and investment expert,

July 14 – 2:00 p.m

How are SIP, SWP and STP taxed?

chat box

Balwant Jain
Balwant Jain

Tax and investment expert

July 14 – 2:00 p.m

How are SIP, SWP and STP taxed?

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Buy Avenue supermarkets;  Target of Rs 4700: ICICI Direct

Base Metals Make New Lows;  Dollar Index at 20-Year High: What's Causing the Damage?  |  Raw materials update

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