Bullet journaling is a great way to get organized and express creativity

St. Edward’s runs bullet journaling workshops to help students get organized.

We all have methods that we use in our daily lives to organize ourselves, but one is definitely more creative and interesting. It’s difficult to find ways to organize this work for you, but bullet journaling is a popular and helpful technique. While bullet journaling doesn’t seem all that different from regular writing at first glance, there’s actually a lot that goes into the craft.

the Munday Library hosted a bullet journaling workshop on Wednesday where students could learn about bullet journaling and keep the journals provided. Different colored markers, pens and wash tape were also provided to allow the students to be creative.

bullet journaling is an art form and a way to organize your events and tasks. Ryder Carrol formulated the concepts of what bullet journaling is today and has published one Book and a apartment for bullet journaling purposes.

the first step consists in developing your index, determining your key and organizing your diary by numbering each page. Your index is your table of contents; It helps you get to each section of your journal. They then form a key or legend where you can color code your journal and determine which symbols represent which aspects. For example, you can use a dot for tasks, a circle for events, and a triangle for appointments. Color coding could also be done with pink writing for personal assignments, green for work, and blue for school.

the Next Step is to create monthly and daily logs. The monthly log is a quick overview of what needs to be done each month and is a great way to keep track of the big events and tasks to be completed. The daily logs are more specific and updated more consistently as they feed into specific plans and deadlines for each day. These are the general aspects that are essential to any bullet journal and can help with planning and organization.

There are countless ways to style and color code your bullet journal, as well as various creative additions. This can include mood tracking, movies to watch, or books to read.

Bullet journaling is a great way to get organized and learn preparation skills weeks in advance.

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