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  • This Alfa Romeo GT Veloce 1750, now on sale at Bring a Trailerhas undergone a full restoration which was completed in March 2020.
  • The Alfa GTV 1750 weighs around 2300 pounds, has 120 hp and is known for its rich character, playful handling, willing four-cylinder and raspy exhaust note.
  • The current top bid is $60,000 but expect it to go even higher; Prizes for the best examples have reached $100,000. The auction ends on Thursday February 17th.

    It would indeed be a wonderful world if every car enthusiast could clock up a few kilometers behind the wheel of an Alfa Romeo GT Veloce 1750. I say this as someone who was once lucky enough to rack up miles on a well maintained GTV similar to the one pictured. And luckily for you, this one is currently for sale on the Bring a Trailer auction site – what, how car and driveris part of Hearst Autos.

    The small Alfa sports coupe, better known as the GTV 1750, represents everything that was right about Italian cars of the late 1960s. It’s one of those rare automobiles where the ride, handling, engine, transmission and key controls are perfectly matched, giving it a special kind of harmony that makes every drive unforgettable. The exhaust note alone is reason enough to want it. This is a car with personality.

    Early in my career I got to drive a friend’s GTV during a trip to Palo Alto, California. We drove around the San Francisco area for several days and I would have loved to have driven all the way back home to New York City.

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    Although this GTV was a dozen years old by then – ancient in car years – it felt totally contemporary. The GTV 1750 was built at a time when small cars were still light; At around 2300 pounds, the car is about 500 pounds lighter than the current Toyota GR86/Subaru BRZ twins. Thanks in part to that feathery mass, there was a magical delicacy in the way it drove. It felt supple and lively and agile, with light, unassisted steering, an easy-to-shift five-speed manual and solid four-wheel disc brakes.

    1969 alfa romeo gtv 1750

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    Its ride was a sweet compromise between firm and supple. Best of all, the spunky four-cylinder, dual overhead camshaft engine that would only feel peppy by today’s standards, still growled like an angry German shepherd with every step on the gas pedal. The GTV seemed made for brisk cruising on dual carriageways like California’s Napa Valley or the hills near Modena, Italy.

    1969 alfa romeo gtv 1750
    1969 alfa romeo gtv 1750

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    The dark blue GTV on Bring a Trailer appears to be a spectacular example of the breed. It is described as a European market model, which is why its 1779cc four-cylinder comes with twin Weber DCOE carburetors rather than the Spica fuel injection found on US GTVs. (The fuel-injection system was needed to meet early U.S. emissions requirements.) That means the buyer will have to find a local Weber carburetor expert to keep their new old GTV running smoothly — or learn the intricacies of tuning the Pingle’s Italian Air fuel mixer so they can do it themselves.

    The BaT GTV has undergone a full restoration which appeared to have been perfectly completed in March 2020 and there are numerous photos documenting the build. The original color of this car was Gialo Ocra, which is a shade darker than the school bus yellow, but it was repainted an Alfa-correct dark blue called Blu Olandese. The interior has been reupholstered in black vinyl. It rolls on silver-painted 14-inch wheels with Alfa hubcaps and shod with 165/HR-14 Pirelli Cinturato tires that support the tall sidewalls of high-performance radials that were available 53 years ago.

    According to the seller, this car also underwent a complete mechanical restoration. Its engine has been completely rebuilt, so we’d expect it to deliver all of its advertised 120 horses. The brakes, rear axle and five-speed manual gearbox were also overhauled. A shot of the underside of the car looks brand new. The seller says the car has been driven approximately 7500 miles since it was reassembled.

    Bring a Trailer encourages buyers to personally inspect the vehicles they are interested in before bidding, which will take some effort with this GTV. it is located in Mallorca, Spain. Of course, the highest bidder must also expect higher than usual shipping costs, but BaT has an app for this. And there can be another complication: although the car is in Mallorca, it is registered in Sweden in the name of the seller’s company. We hope the deal won’t be bogged down by this Alfa’s multinational status.

    Bidding on the beautiful blue GTV 1750 closes on Thursday 17th February and we envy the lucky winner who snags it. We expect the driving experience to be just as vivid today as it was more than half a century ago.

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