Best chores chart for teens

Which chore charts for teens are best?

Parents often get frustrated when they have to constantly remind their kids to take care of their weekly chores. But there are more inventive ways to hold your teens accountable. Task charts can help your teens see their responsibilities and track their progress as they complete them. They can also help with weekly and daily planning and encourage time management. The Home & Me Magnetic Dry-Erase Chore Chart is an excellent chore chart for teens. It comes with several colorful dry-erase markers, magnets, an easy-to-read calendar, and a weekly to-do list.

What you should know before buying a teenage homework chart

display method

Display your task tables in a high-traffic area, such as B. in an entrance hall or kitchen. This ensures that all of your family members can easily see their assigned tasks. If you plan on hanging the chore chart on your fridge, find one with a magnetic back. Many poster-style task charts come with tape or tabs. Or you can always hang your homework chart the way you would hang a photo frame.

points system

Some chore charts display a scoring system to help your teens keep track of chores and track progress. They can check a box, or attach a magnet, sticker, or tick to show they’ve completed a task. Some charts offer cumulative or superlative rewards, such as B. Weekly Winner or Most Completed Tasks.

Purchase an additional assignment table

If your teens or kids spend a lot of time with other family members, buy an extra chore chart so they can take it with them when they’re away. The additional chart allows them to stay consistent in fulfilling their duties and responsibilities.

What to look for in a quality teen worksheet

Type of task chart

The most common types of teenage charts are magnetic, pocket, and dry erase chalkboards. Dry-erase boards tend to be write-on-erase posters, and while most come with markers, they often have limited colors. You may wish to purchase additional dry erase markers separately.

Pocket charts are soft boards with pockets or slots that you put cards in to indicate a completed task. These charts work best with young children, not teenagers. Magnetic boards have layouts that allow you to drag and drop markers to jot down what tasks are completed. Check reviews before buying as some poorly made magnetic boards have weaker magnets that fall off easily.


Task charts often come with monthly, weekly, or weekday calendars. Some parents prefer monthly calendar charts for older children and teens whose chores may only occur once or twice a month.


Many task tables come with accessories, such as B. A choice of fine tip markers or reward stickers. Dry-erase kits often come with markers, erasers, and non-toxic cleaning sprays.

How much you can spend on a teenage homework chart

Task spreadsheets for teens range in price from around $10 to $60 depending on the materials, accessories, and level of customization.

Task Chart for Teens FAQ

Is there a difference between a behavior diagram and a task diagram?

A Yes. A task chart focuses on responsibilities and tasks with marked due dates. It makes the assigned tasks very obvious and clearly shows if and when your teen completes the tasks assigned to him.

A behavior chart is performance-based and focuses more on things like anger management, manners, and respect.

Need to buy an age-specific homework chart for your teen?

A Not necessarily. Most task charts work well for children of all ages, but some charts may seem immature for older teens and children. In theory, you can use any task table as long as it displays the correct information. Some families like to choose the chore chart as a family activity because it allows everyone to feel connected and involved.

How can you replace the magnet pieces for your task chart if you lost them?

A Contact the manufacturer and ask for replacement parts. Some brands will send you replacements for free, while other companies will charge you for the parts and shipping costs. You can also try using a different set of magnets.

What’s the Best Homework Chart Teens Can Buy?

Top chores chart for teens

Home & Me Magnetic Dry Erase To Do Chart

What you need to know: This magnetic dry-erase task board for teens comes with two boards, a large eraser, magnets and six fine-tipped markers.

What you will love: The chore spreadsheet and calendar planner will help you keep track of your family’s life. The magnetic set also allows for color coding with six markers in purple, pink, green, red, blue and black.

What you should consider: The markers sometimes stop working after just a month or two.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top teen chores chart for the money

Magnetic card Doctor Chart Chart

Magnetic card Doctor Chart Chart

What you need to know: This magnetic task board hangs on your fridge and comes with magnets, five dry erase markers and an eraser.

What you will love: It has a beautiful design and anti-stain technology that makes it stain-resistant and waterproof. You can also use the table as a weekly planner or meal planner.

What you should consider: The magnets on the markers are not very strong, so the markers often fall off the board.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

It’s worth trying

Yaze Magnet Store Magnetic dry erase task chart

Yaze Magnet Store Magnetic dry erase task chart

What you need to know: Teenagers, children and adults alike can use it this magnetic task table. It comes with a strong magnet, five markers and an eraser.

What you will love: This premium spreadsheet will ensure your kids understand their assignments and responsibilities for the week. It’s also stain-resistant and easy to clean, and you can also use it for your weekly grocery list, meal planner, and office planner.

What you should consider: The markings are messy and it takes a long time for the ink to get through.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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