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Cousin: A new way of exploring new crypto

The crowdsourcing DAO Vetter.ai offers a dApp with tools for informed investment decisions. In the blockchain industry, where things change in minutes and research is time-consuming, getting the right information at the right time can lead to a successful investment opportunity.

Vetter CrowdX Calendar – just one of the many dApps launching this year – collects information, the most important commodity in the digital age, and filters it using the Intuitive Oracle (NYSE:) feature to adjust preferences based on personal goals. It serves as a research center for cryptocurrency pre-sales, launches, and initial offerings. Vetter is also integrating Ignition Launchpad for high-level projects to be launched within their ecosystem with the intention of raising the bar on integrity in the DeFi space.

The CrowdX calendar consists of Scouts (who find and publish projects), Cousins ​​(who provide additional research data), and Voters (who monitor whether projects are successful over a period of time), all of whom are rewarded for their contribution. Vetter users can fill the award-winning roles above or choose from four investor tiers to gain access to the research data they want. However, not everyone can become a cousin on the platform – users must first learn about the criteria that form the basis of CrowdX Calendar’s effectiveness.

To prevent data manipulation and maintain a high standard of research results, VETTER Token uses a control mechanism. Taxation of token purchases, sales and transfers limits multiple account creation and vote misrepresentation. It also supports project development and rewarding contributors. This is an improvement over considerations seen in BSC projects where holders are only rewarded for holding.

To make the contribution to the ecosystem fun, Vetter uses playful scoring, ranking and voting. There are six color-coded scout ranks from Novice to Top, with the highest rank indicating an outstanding track record in posting history to date. For example, results and audits between January and February 2022 show that “90% of all projects posted by Purple Scouts achieved a 2x OR MORE ROI within 24 hours of launch”.

The color code ranking system helps investors differentiate between high-value projects and potential scams. To articulate this: From results obtained over a 2 month period, 10 purple Scouts reported that their projects generated more than 15x profit after launching their published projects. This model is now used in the Vetter dApp and has successfully passed a thorough 90-day audit in the open market.

One of the intuitive Oracle features available in CrowdX Calendar is the ability to filter projects based on specific time frames. For example, some investors prefer to get on projects that double or more within 24 hours, while others want more time before deciding whether to exit an investment. This top tier 4 feature allows timeframes of 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days or all the time to give the user multiple options for decoding based on personalized investment goals.

In the coming months, Vetter is preparing to launch over 10 dApps under two new product brands, Discover (already includes CrowdX Calendar) and Ignition (starts with Ignition Launchpad). Discover provides finding, tracking and organizing blockchain projects before launch. Ignition will be an incubator with two decentralized launchpads, one with guaranteed allocations and the other open to all. Vetter’s dApp suite is aimed at cryptocurrency investors of all levels and sizes to support and democratize decentralized finance and make all investment decisions wisely.

Vetter is a community-led and operated crowdsourcing model designed to raise integrity standards in the DeFi space. Robyn Linn will represent Vetter and announce the upcoming launch of Ignition at BlockDown Croatia 2022 (May 11-13), Blockchain Week Rome 2022 (May 24-28) and the Berlin Blockchain Oracle Summit (May 7-9). June) before the cousin represented the launch of the Ignition Launchpad token.

Media contact: [email protected]: https://vetter.aiVetter platform dApp: https://vetterplatform.app

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