6397 Resort Collection 2023 | Fashion

Vibes, energies, spirits, moods – whatever you want to call that ephemeral hiss that transforms something basic into something special – they’re the playground for 6397. Since the brand’s inception, it’s offered a considered, dingy alternative to other women’s wardrobe brands . Yes, they offer pants you can wear to the office, but theirs are imbued with a skate girl spirit that can work throughout your gaming life as well.

For Resort 2023, nearly a year after teaming up with a new designer, the 6397 offering has shifted into serious attire. It’s not overly serious, but the collection is composed in a way that’s less sloppy tomboy and more thoughtful artist. Take a sheer turtleneck in chartreuse, the color so subtly attuned to the Northern Renaissance hue you’d think it was Dries Van Noten. And the tonal eggplant-on-black floral silk skirt it’s paired with? More formal but just as cool as in previous seasons.

The vibe shift isn’t a bad thing. By polishing the edges, 6397 will expand its customer base. And the brand certainly hasn’t lost a heart. In addition to its baggy slate blazers and cool cobalt blue cargos, it continues its partnership with Creative Growth, featuring work from its artists on t-shirts and, yes, even this tonal floral print.

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