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The much-anticipated DC League of Super Pets recently premiered in cinemas worldwide and one of the characters that has delighted fans in it is Ace, also known as The Bat-Hound. In the film, Ace teams up with other super-powered animals to rescue members of the Justice League captured by Lex Luthor.

Although Batman’s dog hasn’t always been one of the most popular DC characters, he has been featured in a number of animated films and television projects. Where else can viewers who loved him in Warner Bros’ latest blockbuster catch his adventures?


Krypto the Super Dog (2005 – 2006)

Krypto is usually Superman’s pet, but here the Man of Steel arranges for him to stay with a caring suburban family because he’s always so busy. This then leads to Krypto having to juggle between a normal pet life and a secret life as a superhero.

In the animated series, Ace is one of Krypto’s best friends. Unlike Krypto, the Enlightened Ace considers himself Batman’s sidekick rather than his pet. His arcs here can also be said to be much more interesting as he also introduces the previously unknown pets of some of Batman’s greatest villains. These include the Joker’s hyenas and the Penguin’s bad news birds.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold (2008 – 2011)

The series stays true to one of the best Batman comics, The Brave And The Bold, which regularly sees DC heroes team up. However, a lighter tone is assumed.

The Bat-Hound pictured here mirrors that shown in the early Detective Comics issues. He only has a mask and no special gear, but that doesn’t make him weak. Ace is so ferocious that he can even fight animals that Batman fears, most notably Catman’s tiger. He is also every pet owner’s dream as he is disciplined and obedient to every command

Batman Beyond (1999 – 2001)

In a futuristic Gotham City, teenage Terry McGinnis becomes Batman, working under the tutelage of an older Bruce Wayne. It is chronologically the last part of the animated DC Universe.

fans who watched DC League of Super Pets will quickly see the similarities in arc between the version of Ace in the film and this one. Also in the series, Ace is a dog boxer who was forced into the life of dog fighting by Rony Boxer. And like in the movie Ace, he can leave that life behind after meeting Bruce Wayne. This version of Ace is also distinctive because he is the only one allowed to work with an older Bruce Wayne.

Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: The Flash (2018)

The Flash is called into action when the Joker reorganizes the Daily Planet and poisons all of Metropolis. This then leads to him teaming up with other members of the Justice League to stop him and other villains that keep popping up.

Normally, Ace is a member of the Legion of Super-Pets, but in the animated film, he’s so impressive that he’s an official member of the Justice League. Ace impresses in many ways and is probably the most likeable character in the film. He also has many highlights, including a moment when he gets a higher score than Cyborg during a training program.

Batman Beyond: The Joker Returns (2000)

Bruce Wayne and his replacement Terry are called into action when the Joker returns. This time, defeating him proves to be no easy task.

Ace is the same here as in the Batman beyond series, but fans of the dog get the biggest scare when he almost dies after being poisoned by the Joker. But in the typical story where the hero loses before coming back stronger, Ace recovers and helps Terry defeat the Joker’s team.

Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts (2015)

Gotham is thrown into chaos when a group of robotic animals takes over. Batman, Red Robin, Flash, Nightwing and Green Arrow therefore try their best to save the day.

The iteration of Ace featured here is also unique in that it’s also robotic. Ace was created to serve in the Penguin’s “Animiltia,” but Batman reprograms it to serve its purpose. And while a robotic ace might seem like a bad thing, he ends up being a far more useful ally for Batman, as he can fight without injury and go on missions alone.

Teen Titans: The Judas Contract (2017)

The Teen Titans successfully rescue Starfire from captivity on her home planet. Soon, Robin develops feelings for her.

For the first time, the Bat-Hound mantle is given to Titus, a pup that Raven gives Damian to Wayne as a gift. Unfortunately, Titus doesn’t excite DC fans as much because he’s not as active as Ace. His movements are restricted to the manor, with his only role being that of a pet.

DC Super Heroines (2019)

The Cartoon Network series follows the teenage versions of some of DC’s strongest female superheroes: Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Green Lantern, and Zatanna, all of whom attend Metropolis High School. The group must also face younger versions of popular DC villains.

The film’s writers turn a blind eye to the ace of comics. Instead, they make him Batgirl’s pet, who also happened to have served in the GCPD. As a former police dog, Ace is more ferocious and reliable, not only able to easily track down criminals but also scare them away. And when it comes to just being a pet, he plays the part too.

Justice League Action (2016 – 2018)

The members of the Justice League work day and night to protect Earth from various threats. Occasionally they also travel to other planets.

Ace only appears in the Season 1 episode “Best Day Ever,” but while his appearance is limited, he’s necessary as the stakes are higher. In the episode, the Justice League is in dire need of reinforcements because the Joker just freed Lex Luthor from prison. Wearing a costume similar to his master’s, Ace comes to help where he can.

Robot Chicken (2014)

One of the best stop motion animation shows of all time focuses on parodies of various aspects of pop culture. And there is a DC special called Robot Chicken DC Comics Special 2: Villains in Paradise.

Bane is one of Batman’s deadliest enemies as he is one of the few people to physically harm him (breaking his back). So the parody seems to be re-enacting the rivalry, only this time it’s happening through their lap dogs. Bat-Hound also has a hard time against Bane-Hound, but eventually prevails.

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